A half-day retreat focusing on replenishing body and mind. Using the powerful healing properties of yoga Nidra, breathwork and crystal sound bowls this retreat will allow you to experience a connection back with yourself. This level of deep, conscious relaxation is a gift of transformation and is accessible for all who choose to receive it.

Date and location

Date Saturday 23 March 2024
Location Alfriston Memorial Hall, The Tye, Alfriston BN26 5TL
Investment £60


3pm Welcome & refreshments 
3.30pm Breathwork & grounding
3.45pm Yoga Nidra guided meditation
4.15pm Sound Bath and Healing with Crystal Bowls by Alice Rose
5 – 5.30pm Afternoon tea and cake

More information

Yoga Nidra – Please visit the News section of my website to learn more about this guided meditation. It is suitable for everyone looking for all the benefits of meditation without the effort. We will focus on aligning ourselves with the Spring Equinox using the opportunity to replenish ourselves physically and energetically. Studies have shown by becoming responsive to the natural seasonal changes we are less likely to experience dis-ease and actually thrive in our natural surroundings.

Please bring a yoga mat with you, all other props are provided.

Sound Healing – I am absolutely delighted to be collaborating with the incredibly talented Alice Rose. Website. She will use her crystal singing bowls to help the mind and body rebalance. Due to the individual nature of the bowls they create a deeply transformative experience to promote healing and conscious relaxation on a deep cellular level. Please bring comfy blankets and pillows, anything you need to completely and utterly relax.

Food and drink – All food and drink on this retreat will be provided. Please do let us know if you have any special dietary requirements at the time of booking.

Meet the team

Alice Rose

Sound Healer & Creative Alchemist

Kelly Slade

Yoga Teacher

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