I am constantly amazed how things evolve. When I wrote my last post with all the plans I had for the year ahead, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have to update it with so much more fun stuff!

When we set a seed of intention.. for me it is to strive to provide the highest quality events and experiences for my yogis; more ideas and opportunities become available to us.

I love to mix it up, incorporating exciting complementary workshops and self-care events so all that attend have the most fabulous, relaxing time. Just a little reprieve from the day-to-day stresses of life, time for them to laugh, breathe and reset.

The most important thing I have found is; I’m not trying to be something I’m not. I’m honouring myself by creating these events with unique ideas which I enjoy doing. For me, this is the ultimate time out – practising breathwork, yoga asana, yoga Nidra and then I am ready to truly appreciate the day. Whether it be a workshop practising mindfulness with a Kokedama workshop (as with the last day retreat), or a delicious brunch courtesy of Deans Place Hotel I find I find I can be in the moment and enjoy being with other like-minded yogis.

So, back to what is coming up for the rest of the year…

I warn you though, a little spoiler alert for whoever reads this all the way through.. So if you prefer not to know what’s happening quite yet and prefer a more timely fashion, don’t click the little button!

Next up, I have my Yoga Afternoon Tea on Saturday 25 June.

Following the same format as the Yoga Brunch; we will practise Breathwork, Vinyasa Flow yoga (suitable for all) and a relaxing Yoga Nidra at Alfriston Memorial Hall but this time we will be hosted by Wingrove House in Alfriston so we can delight in their incredible Afternoon Tea. I have sampled this Tea before and I have to say, it is one of the most delicious (and filling!) I have ever had… and I’ve had a few!

On Saturday 20 August, my next half-day retreat is rather special. The iconic Rathfinny Wine Estate have agreed to let me host a group of yogis where we will practise ‘Vinyasa in the Vineyard’.

The practise will be suitable for all levels. We will practise in a slightly elevated position so we can appreciate the stunning scenery in this little micro climate. Following our yoga, we will be treated to one of their Picnics. An al-fresco 3-course picnic hamper of locally sourced produce, the fabulous chefs create an absolutely terrific dining experience which we will enjoy in the specially designed garden of the Flint Barns.

Next up on Saturday 1 October, I will once again be running a Day Retreat in Alfriston for all you yogis that need to ‘Rebalance and Restore’.

Featuring the exceptional food by Lucy once again, (I have to say this is one of the main hightlights!), we will practise Breathwork techniques throughout the day that help calm anxious thought patterns. We will set our intentions for the day, so we can delve deeper with your practise and connection to yourself. Nourishing ourselves from within with the breath, food (am I mentioning that again?), and above all else – time. Time to just be with yourself, to pause and to release physical and mental tension. We will be spending some time in Friston Forest to forest bathe and enjoy the space nature offers us, calming those brain waves. We will practise Restorative yoga in the afternoon. This style of yoga is just as it sounds and offers us an opportunity to find a deeper level of relaxation. Accompanied by the absolutely incredible sounds of the crystal healing bowls by Alice, you will drop into a meditative state where the body can receive the beautiful healing nature of the vibrations. Definitely one not to be missed.. and did I say there will be cake?

Onto the winter months – Saturday 3 December for a half day of Winter Yoga and Wreath with Laura from Trug and Trowel

If you haven’t seen Laura’s unbelievable wreaths yet, you are in for the best surprise. A very talented lady who uses foliage and flowers from her own garden in Sussex to create seasonal wreaths and dried flower creations, she even repurposes bridal bouquets as a keepsake. I honestly can’t wait for this one. I have never made a Christmas wreath before and under Laura’s guidance I’m sure it will be amazing. Oh I forgot to mention we will practise a Hatha based class with will be gentle and nurturing so we can channel our inner creativity ready for Laura. Snacks and mince pies to keep us in the Christmas spirit will be on offer… and you’re more than welcome to bring a bottle if you’d like!

I think that’s it for now…. I’m sure there will be something to add in over the year. But for now, I hope there’s one or even two events that might take your fancy. And if there’s an idea you have you’d like to see me provide, then please do let me know… because I love creating these events for you. See you soon x