A festive, nourishing afternoon of Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and full expert tuition on wreath making by Laura from Trug & Trowel

Date and location

Date Saturday 3 December 2022
Location Alfriston Memorial Hall, The Tye, Alfriston BN26 5TL.
Investment £80


12.30pm Welcome
12.45pm Yin Yoga class including Breathwork and extended Yoga Nidra
2.15pm Nibbles and refreshments 
2.45pm Wreath making with Laura 

More information

Yoga – Please visit the FAQ section of my website to learn more about Yin yoga. This class can be adapted for beginners. Please bring a yoga mat with you, all other props are provided. Dress warmly as we do not raise the heartrate with this class, preferring instead to remain on the floor and ensuring ultimate comfort.

Yoga Nidra – A term that translates as ‘yogic sleep’. It’s a guided relaxation that allows you to feel the benefits of deep sleep and it’s a place where the brain waves are unable to accommodate stress or anxiety. More information about Yoga Nidra is available under the News section of my website.

Wreath Making – I have unashamedly begged Laura from Trug and Trowel to come and host the wreath making section of this retreat. This is because she is without a doubt the most talented and inspiring lady I have ever seen! A farmers wife from Sussex, her stunning creations are made predominantly from seasonal flowers and foliage foraged from her own garden and woodland. She also makes spectacular keepsake wreaths from bridal bouquets. Click Here for her Etsy Shop.

Food and drink – I will providing a few festive nibbles, tea and coffee. If you’d like to bring a bottle, please do so! This is a social event, so bring anything you feel would enhance your experience. Let me know if you have any special dietary requirements on booking.

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