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So how to put into words the experiences of this last week…. I don’t know, but I’ll try.

Thank you to you all. Thank you for trusting me with your retreat, I know how precious your time is and when you choose to spend even an hour of it with me in the class, I’m eternally grateful. But this was so much more.. A whole 5 days of incredible emotions. The journey we have all been on is nothing short of humbling.

So a little bit about this last week… Every single person that decided to retreat with me this week had their own life stuff they needed to process. I learned a little more about each and every one and I loved every minute of it all.

Connections are so important to me. When I decided to run retreats I knew I couldn’t be that teacher that offered a yoga class and then hides away.

I needed to be with them all every step of this retreat. Of course I encouraged time for themselves, stillness and quiet. But I wanted them to know I was there for them, for whatever they needed. I knew energetically and physically at the end of it all I would be exhausted but frankly I do not care. I have never ever laughed so much, cried, hugged, flowed, been still and been continuously on the move as I have in the last few days. I have never known such a group of people enjoy each other’s company as much as my retreat family have done this week.


So you’re brand new to yoga, you may be feeling the effects of age creeping up on you as you bend down to slip your shoes on. Or perhaps after a few hours gardening you are laid up for the rest of the afternoon with a bad back. Or maybe even you have seen a few contortionists throw some handstand shapes on Instagram and think ‘I would love to do that!’  

Whatever your reason that brings you to yoga, know you’re in the right place. Generally 9/10 people that look for a yoga class, it’s because they would like a movement based practise and they’ve heard the hype surrounding yoga and would love to give it a go. But what they end up experiencing is so much more. 

Yoga has been around for many years. In fact some early traces were found over 5,000 years ago. But without writing an essay of the history (if you’d like some book recommendations, message me and I’ll be more than happy to provide some guidance), yoga has evolved. Especially for the western world. It’s said there could be over 300 million yoga practitioners in the world… isn’t that amazing?  

But what is yoga? Yoga in its essence means to unite. To unite body and mind.

But to practise yoga is not just physical movement. It’s how we conduct ourselves in our day to day lives. But again, I could waffle on about this for hours. What you’re here for is to reaffirm what you already know… that yoga will make you feel so much freer in your movements. It will increase your mobility, flexibility, balance. It will help prevent osteoporosis, it will lessen stress and anxiety. It will improve interoception which will in turn, allow you to respond to your body earlier so you will become more in tune with your body. You will change. Your body will change, your mindset will change. 


My approach to yoga is simple… yoga is and can be accessible for everyone. I teach in a non-dogmatic way believing not every pose is suitable for every student with traditional alignment but with a few adjustments, it can be. In particular introducing those new to yoga to this concept, that the ‘prettiest looking’ option of the pose is not necessarily the right one.

Instagram, in this instance with the plethora of yogis showcasing their stunning variations of asanas are beautiful to look at, but in the great scheme of many body shapes, not a true reflection of what 99% of the population could ever achieve.

I believe it’s important to allow my yogis to feel and become aware of their body as I teach them the target areas of what we are trying to achieve so they can learn to modify their poses to their unique body shape or muscle function. I hope to set my yogis on a path of yoga for life, so learning what suits their body best will be paramount in securing their love for yoga and perhaps even a personal practise at home. 



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