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So how to put into words the experiences of this last week…. I don’t know, but I’ll try.

Thank you to you all. Thank you for trusting me with your retreat, I know how precious your time is and when you choose to spend even an hour of it with me in the class, I’m eternally grateful. But this was so much more.. A whole 5 days of incredible emotions. The journey we have all been on is nothing short of humbling.

So a little bit about this last week… Every single person that decided to retreat with me this week had their own life stuff they needed to process. I learned a little more about each and every one and I loved every minute of it all.

Connections are so important to me. When I decided to run retreats I knew I couldn’t be that teacher that offered a yoga class and then hides away.

I needed to be with them all every step of this retreat. Of course I encouraged time for themselves, stillness and quiet. But I wanted them to know I was there for them, for whatever they needed. I knew energetically and physically at the end of it all I would be exhausted but frankly I do not care. I have never ever laughed so much, cried, hugged, flowed, been still and been continuously on the move as I have in the last few days. I have never known such a group of people enjoy each other’s company as much as my retreat family have done this week.


Overseas Yoga Retreats

19 September 2023

Finally the time has come and I can let you all know officially what I have been planning…. Not one, but two overseas yoga retreats! How exciting is that?

When I first offered myself as a yoga teacher, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be in a position to plan and host a yoga retreat of my own. But as my little yoga business has grown over the past few years, I am always guided by my yogis as to what they feel would help complete their yoga practise. I am, after all here to serve you. To make yoga accessible to my community, to those who choose to join me for classes, yoga events, day retreats and all the other fun activities I have planned. A common theme was that after Covid we all deserve some me-time.

That after a rather hectic couple of years you need some downtime, time to reconnect back in with yourself.

So after more research than I care to mention, I have found two incredible retreat venues. Originally I was only going to offer one next year, but after 50 of you amazing yogis decided you wanted to be added to the VIP list to be first in the know about a retreat, I had to make some adjustments.

I am inviting you to Alicante in May and Ibiza in October 2024.



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