The practise of sinking into stillness

Yin yoga targets the parts of the body differently from any Yang practises (like Vinyasa Flow or high impact exercises); primarily our ligaments, joints and deep fascial networks and even our bones.

Both of these practises have their benefits, but by incorporating both Yin and Yang styles into your life you can achieve optimal health and vitality.

Yin yoga is practised with cold muscles to allow us to reach our deeper network of tissues. Yin can be described as simple or even passive, but once you begin a class you’ll soon find just how challenging it can be! Poses or postures are held anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes and, as a result many of these are done in a sitting or supine position, utilising props and using gravity to find our ‘edge’.

This class is suitable for all experience levels, even complete beginners.

The main benefits of Yin Yoga are:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced fixation of the joints
  • Incredibly relaxing class
  • Improved sleep, health and digestion

To read more information about Yin Yoga, visit the FAQ’s section of the website.

Investment is £9.