Since May 17th 2021 when the government lifted its restrictions to allow in-person yoga classes I have taught over 170 classes and 129 yogis. I honestly can not believe it. When I completed my yoga teacher training and then subsequent specialised trainings, I had no idea who, if anyone would come along!

I scheduled a Beginners Course and that sold out within three days, so I arranged another one and the same thing happened. I think in those first six weeks I ran three Beginners Courses concurrently trying to keep up with demand. One thing I was adamant about was not having a large number of people in my classes. When I have attended classes myself and there is a high volume of people, the personal attention from the teacher is lost.

I have met some truly inspirational people, they have formed my yogi tribe and I am absolutely honoured they continue to practise with me.

We have laughed, mixed up our left and right (me more than them!) and have practised together and bonded. I have certainly grown as a teacher, they have increased their confidence, strength, flexibility and mobility. I see the differences in each and every one and this has made me so fulfilled and filled up my happy cup as my daughter likes to say. I know they feel these changes in how their body moves and also I know many of them are experiencing the benefits. A few have remarked their back pain has disappeared, or they are feeling muscle groups they didn’t realise they had and also they are sleeping better too!

What more could I ask for as a yoga teacher?

My Vinyasa Flow crew have pretty much embraced every new pose and arm balance I’ve thrown at them, changing up the flow every week for some fun and challenging transitions. My Yin yoga group are becoming more experienced and noticing how their body is supposed to feel in the poses and I see them making the little adjustments so they can chase their edge… True Yinsters already.

My Dynamic Hatha tribe; many have been with me since their Beginners Course. They are currently working on some pretty advanced poses as they are learning to trust their new arm strength, which is truly inspirational. Most of these poses that they are itching to learn I didn’t even attempt until I had been practising for a good couple of years, but they are ready; they have the confidence already.

Onto next year… what will next year bring? I hope to continue on as I am, I absolutely love my yogi tribe so I will keep sequencing new fun classes so they can continue to grow.

Another new Beginners Course is scheduled for January and at the time of writing, I only have three spaces available which is amazing. I can not wait to teach some newbies again. I absolutely love watching them grow and see that moment of realisation when they fall in love with yoga.

After the resounding success of the Candlelit Christmas Yoga Nidra event, I am hoping to timetable in a similar event every other month or so. Finding stillness, relaxing and de-stressing is a very important part of yoga… and this is what my yogis have asked for and need right now.

I am definitely going to run another Day Retreat or two this year. This event was absolutely wonderful, the weather was spectacular. Filled with all my favourite things, it brought with it a truly amazing group of yogis. We forest bathed, we breathed, we reset our body and minds through yoga asana with Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Nidra. We laughed, talked and walked. We fed our minds with positive affirmations, fed our bellies with the most delicious, nutritious food. And then reset ourselves by allowing the most beautiful healing sounds from Alice Rose resonate through us. A truly magical day. Keep an eye on my website, newsletter and social pages to find out when the next one will take place.

A new event just in its final stages of organisation will be a Yoga Brunch event. A fun morning of energising and invigorating Vinyasa Flow, followed by a relaxing yoga Nidra. Then a delicious brunch prepared by the two AA Rosette chefs at Deans Place Hotel in Alfriston. Just a lovely morning with lovely people eating some lovely food!

I’m sure more events and fun things will make an appearance this year. I’m so excited for what this coming year will bring, the new yogis I will meet along the way and the changes I will see in my gorgeous yogi tribe. Happy New Year.