So, the last few months have been like a whirlwind for me… hence why I haven’t had time to update my News. I have been so honoured to start teaching some spectacular new yogis. I have been astounded by their enthusiasm, it really is pretty inspiring. When I started my yoga teacher training, I was unsure whether I’d actually teach. When us yoga teachers start teaching, we lose much of our own personal practise which is a very hard decision to make.

Yoga, as you all must know already is really important to me. I absolutely love the way it makes me feel, which is why I decided to overcome my nerves and get on and actually teach.

It takes more courage than you’d think to put yourself out there. This is something I feel so passionate about, that I’d be heartbroken if people decided that actually they hated it and me! My creativity goes into designing thoughtful flows so each of you can feel like you’ve achieved something in my classes. I know yoga is not about ‘nailing a pose’, but I’m afraid all of us have an ego that needs to be nourished from time to time! I just try and keep the ego section in check, by making my classes fun and most of all, not to take it too seriously.

Over 50 new yogis have completed my Beginners 6 week Course. And I am proud of each and every one of them. I have learnt so much from them as they have from me.. a pure exchange of energies and knowledge.

Each and every one has overcome mental and physical obstacles to attend week on week and even signing up again for another round of 6 weeks. These yogis are my tribe, they trust me so implicitly that it’s just so humbling. And they have all become stronger… not only with their muscle definition, but also in their attitude towards me! Being not afraid to tell me how certain sections of the class they find challenging. But what they don’t see, or maybe they do, but I have a better vantage point, is how much their stamina has improved too. It really is so wonderful to see.

In the beginning a yoga practise can be mostly about noticing subtle changes in our bodies, I joked recently with a yogi recently that yoga was originally designed 1,000’s of years ago to help us sit and meditate for long periods of time, but for me the bi product of practising yoga is now I notice how much better my body feels when I move mindfully! I know how to turn my attention and intention inwards to respect how my body is feeling, so yes I might need to rest for a day or two, but actually on those days a slower practise like Yin might be in order. It does take time, but yoga has a sneaky way of having something to turn to when you notice things are out of balance.

So, if I manage to make this difference to even one of my yogis, that they realise they can step on their mat in times of unrest, then I will feel like I’ve fulfilled what I have set out to do.

In the meantime, I will keep providing a space for my yogis to practise. Sometimes with a slower, more gentle practise, more occasionally with a stronger one. But above all else, I just hope they know how much they mean to me each and every time they come and roll out their mat in front of me, flow with me, smile and laugh with (and at!) me.

Thank you for practising with me my yogis, Namaste 💕