So lockdown has been long and dull without being about to teach in person. But I have utilised my time having enrolled on some fabulous courses. In a previous life pre-kids, I worked as a Senior Dental Nurse in one of the most prestigious Dental Hospitals in the country. Although fantastic for my career at the time, it did mean we were referred many difficult and challenging cases including those with Head and Neck Cancer. To cut a long story short, although heart breaking at times, being part of the recovery process was so rewarding.

How can Yoga for Cancer help you? Even if you’re battling chronic fatigue.. there’s a pose and breath technique for that.

When I became a yoga teacher, I did so because I love it so completely and really need you all to experience how wonderful your body can feel! Adding Yoga for Cancer to the list of services I can offer makes me feel kind of complete, if that makes sense. Suddenly I feel like I’ve come full circle back to the parts of my life that gave me the most satisfaction. But this is all about me isn’t it? So what can Yoga for Cancer do for you, how can it help you or someone that you know who is on this journey?

As we know Yoga is not only beneficial for the body; increasing strength, stamina and overall well-being but also it helps us manage our emotions and stress and anxiety. When we move our body carefully and mindfully, turning our intention and attention inwards, we allow ourselves to accept our limitations. It’s through this acceptance actually is when we see the most progress. Utilising our breath helps us in so many ways… more on this soon as I’m also nerdy enough to be taking a whole 30hr course just on the breath too!

We can also use yoga and the breath to aid pain management and it can also improve sleep… so what reason could you have not to try? Even if you’re suffering from chronic fatigue as a result of your treatment, there are yoga poses that can help.

Please do get in touch if you feel this could benefit you in any way. I offer these sessions on a one-to-one basis primarily as I prefer the focus to be on you and your individual needs.