Welcome to this on-demand collection of online yoga classes for you to practise at a convenient time and place that suits you. This offering is for you to carve out some time in your week to enjoy a little movement, maybe even stillness so you can practise anytime and anywhere.

The benefits of practising yoga are well documented and online platforms such as this are growing in popularity as we realise adding a few extra movement sessions into our week helps us stay motivated and continue our yoga journey. I understand that committing to another in-person yoga class can be tricky due to family and work commitments so I hope this platform helps you enjoy yoga without travelling to me. The energy is never quite the same as being in a room together but I have created a Facebook group (Kelly Slade Yoga) to provide a good sense of community of like-minded yogis. Feel free to discuss your practise and I and other yogis will be there to help support you.

Within this library you will find –
– Beginners level
– Dynamic Hatha
– Vinyasa Flow
– Yin Yoga
– Yoga Nidra (guided meditation)
– Tutorials

There are classes for Beginners and for those who have some experience of yoga. Varying in length from 10 – 90 minutes so you have the opportunity to find a class that will suit your schedule. There is something for every part of the body, every mood and every energy level. New classes will be added every week.

Sign up to the Kelly Slade Yoga Online Membership for £15 per month to give you access to the entire library. You can cancel your subscription at any time. By signing up to this membership you agree to always work at your own pace and with respect to your body and mindset.

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