The practise of cultivating breath and body awareness

Dynamic Hatha Yoga is a more traditional style of yoga. It’s an energetic but accessible sequenced class suitable for all ages and yoga levels with a reasonable level of fitness*. Using breath awareness and body alignment, through movement we will develop strength, stamina and flexibility. Sequences vary every week for a fun start to our weekend.

In this class, we’ll slow it down, finding our natural alignment and where the pose serves us best. Be warned though, holding poses statically can be a challenge in itself!

(*If you are brand new to yoga, or only have limited experience, or just feel attending a mixed-level class is quite daunting, please take a look at my beginner 6 week course.)

The main benefits of a Dynamic Hatha Yoga class are:

  • Increased flexibility, strength and fitness
  • Better balance and stamina
  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • A relaxed group of like-minded people determined to have fun!

To read more information about yoga and its benefits, visit the FAQ’s section of the website.

Investment is £9. Pick up a loyalty card from me to receive your 10th class free!